Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best

As part of BlogHer’s Life Well Lived series, they asked me:

How do you incorporate color into your look?

For me, over the years, I’ve realized whatever the color is… All that matters is that I LOVE IT! Yes, there are certain colors that look good on me. Green looks best on me as it brings out my eyes. But really? If you love the color, you’ll feel great wearing it, and THAT’S what makes someone look good. Their attitude makes all the difference! I hate yellow. So I wouldn’t wear something yellow – even though it might look good with my skin tone – because I don’t love it when I see it.

That being said… I also infuse color in a couple of other ways. I like to wear crazy shoes, so that can inject color. I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry, but if I do, I usually wear one bold crazy piece that has a lot of color in it. For example, I wear a lot of black. I have a great wool peacoat (I got it on sale thankyouverymuch). It’s a whole lotta black. So, in the wintertime, I pull out that coat, and I put one of the obnoxious costume jewelry brooches I inherited from my great-grandmother. It just makes me feel good when I see it, and it comes back to I feel good, so I look good.

It’s OK to wear color, people. There’s so many folks who, perhaps, don’t feel they have the best body. So, they wear black and neutrals to detract. That old adage of “black is slimming” comes into play here. I’m here to say, “Who cares!” Do you LOVE fushia? Does fushia make you happy? (Do you know how to spell fushia? ‘Cause my spell checker hates the way I’m spelling it.) Does fushia make you perk up a little bit? Than you should be wearing fushia. It’ll bring a little spark to your day when you see it. Experiment if you’re scared to wear it. Instead, tie a scarf with fushia in it around the handle to your purse. You’ll see a little bit of happy every time you pick up your purse.

Look. Clothes, at their barest minimum, are simply there to protect your body from the elements. Any other meanings such as modesty or fashion judgement are meanings that WE as society give them. So… Give them your OWN meaning. Take joy in them. If bright pink reminds you of huge gerbera daisies and make you smile? By golly, get some bright pink into your life.

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    Oh I agree that if a color gives you energy or inspires you, wear it. Splash it all over. If I have to wear all-black I feel that I have no energy.

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