Today, at 7:03am, I turned 37 years old.

While I do have regrets in my life, I also believe that all actions lead you to where you are. While, at 37, I’m not where I thought I would be in terms of financial success/security, I do have a blessed life full of love – folks I love, and folks who love me in all my neuroses.

Am I aging? Ohhhh yes. The wrinkles are a little more pronounced. My hair is going silver. My joints creak. I’ve got a bad back, bad knees, among other things. Do I mind? No. I’ve earned every wrinkle. Every gray hair. Every creak and groan. I hope, and believe, that I’ve also garnered wisdom. Wisdom I use to live a better life, and wisdom I can pass on to my children and others that they may not make some of my mistakes.

Not that anyone listens to me.

We can’t really celebrate today due to Poe’s sleep/work schedule. So yesterday, during the day, he and I went to a movie (This Means War) and lunch at Fuddruckers (a really good hamburger joint). Somehow, it was for my birthday, and Poe still got explosions and cheeseburgers, so it was a good birthday for him too!

I’ve earned 37. I decided to own 37. 37 is my bitch. My gift to myself? I bought myself a pair of combat boots. I will rock them. I’m waiting on a particular job opportunity for Poe. If it goes through, I will not have to get a “real” job, and if it doesn’t, I will. As soon as I know how respectable I have to be, I’m bringing back the pink stripe in my hair.

37 is going to Rock. I plan on enjoying every minute. On my terms. I plan on making 37 an awesome year.

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