Life Well Lived – Framing Your Face

As part of BlogHer’s Life Well Lived series, I was asked :What are your favorite tips and tricks for framing and showing off your beautiful face?

This is a hard one for me, because I don’t pay too much attention to my appearance beyond some basics.

What do I have to work with? I have glasses. I have curly hair. I have a weird round face. I’m not too keen on makeup. I’m a wash and go kind of girl.

Because I’m totally squicked out by anything to do with eyes (such as contacts or laser surgery), I’m stuck with the glasses. So I always make sure I have frames I love. Love doesn’t have to equal expensive. I currently have rectangular black frames, which I love, and they were only $20.

For my hair, it’s curly and a lot of it. When I say curly, I mean full-on spiral curls. If I were to brush it out dry (which I never-ever-ever do), I have a serious, 70′s worthy afro. When it rains it just gets… Bigger. A lot bigger. Shorter is NOT better. My hair frames my round chubby face much better longer. I finally found a hair stylist that can cut my hair. If you have curly hair, I beg of you, find someone who knows curly hair. One size does not fit all on this, it makes all the difference. I also always use product, but it’s simple. I buy mousse or spray gel made for curly hair. I find that brand and expense doesn’t really matter, but “made for curly” does. Anything else is too stiff and heavy, and makes my hair really crunchy. I simply get out of the shower, and have it up in a towel while I do my other stuff, and then put the product in, comb it out with a wide toothed comb, and bend over and scrunch. Then I let it air dry, and finally do whatever I might do with it.

I do use makeup for “outside” kind of appointments, but not on a daily basis. I just don’t like the feel of it, and all eye makeup irritates my eyes. When I do wear makeup, neutrals and coppers seem to look best with my eyes and skin tone. Sometimes I let in a little green in my eyeliner. I cleanse and moisturize daily.

I think the biggest thing for me, and makes me feel best, is to do my basics, and just own ME. THIS is me. This is who I am. That’s a good thing. Sure, I’ll be 37 on Thursday. My hair is greying. I’m starting to show my age on my face. But that’s OK. That’s a result of living life. That’s how I best frame my face. Basics, and then owning it.

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  1. Yola says

    It’s not necessary we have to change our appearance to have a perfect face, hair and skin. Simplicity of the person is most important as long as we are real to our self. Love our self, for being you.

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