Kids are Funny Funny Creatures

This morning was Logan’s Kindergarten play.  My son was so completely Logan that I’ll never forget it.

First, I get there, and because Logan has GrandmaPapaRadar, he wasn’t in line where he needed to be – he was “mingling.”  I walk in, and him and his little friend ambush me to set up a play date.  I say maybe in a non-committal tone, and try to shuffle them off to their class line for the big show.  Logan is very dramatic, in a very very sincere way.  Which can either be a kick, or just break your heart, or just wanna break him.  Anyway, he turns around, throws himself into my arms, and say “Mommy, I am just so glad you’re here.”  Then he sighs, and gets in line.  The mom in front of me started giggling.

So, there they are…  He’s singing his little heart out.  And then?  Oh No!  Wardrobe malfunction…  He kept having to wrap his scarf back around his neck.  It would NOT stay up (winter theme – hats, scarves etc.)  Every once in a while he’d get a little scared, but then he’d make eye contact with me, and calm down.  And he played the tambourine (on beat – I’m sorry that’s impressive at 5.)  He kept waving at us.  We quickly learned to wave back immediately…  Otherwise he’d just keep going until you do.

Then…  It’s his turn to get up and say his line.  There’s a bit of a shuffle of children to get into their places.  Apparently, grandma turned her eyes off of him for one minute.  And his GrandmaPapaRadar knew this.  So, from the middle of the quiet stage (while they’re setting up) he puts his little hands around his mouth (to be louder, don’t you know) and yells at the top of his lungs, “I’m up here grandma!” Then waved his hands over his head like he was bringing in aircraft.  He definitely provided the levity of the morning.

Especially when at the end of the show, in the middle of the stage, he needed to readjust the family jewels.


But I’m telling you…  At the end, when we were applauding for him, that same small aircraft could have been brought in by the wattage of the smile he had on his face.  He can embarrass me all he wants if it brings him that much unadulterated pure joy.


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    What a sweetie. These moments are so precious, as potentially embarrassing as they might be. Hugs to you, and to Logan, too!


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